Massage Gift Vouchers

Get Massage Gift Vouchers in Melbourne

Give the gift of ‘me time’ with a massage voucher at one of the best day spas Melbourne has to offer!

If you’re unsure what to give your friends, family, or even work mates for an upcoming birthday, Christmas or other milestone, look no further than V Hotel Spa. With an assortment of spa day vouchers redeemable for a range of many different treatments, V Hotel Spa is just the ticket, guaranteeing a few relaxing hours away from the daily grind.

Our Massage Gift Voucher Your Way

If you’re unsure of your friend’s favourite spa treatment, it’s probably best to play it straight. Purchase our $100, $150 or $200 voucher redeemable on any services at V Hotel Spa! So, if you’re waving your colleague off on maternity leave, chances are she’ll cash hers in on the best pregnancy massage Melbourne knows of. Or, if you’re wishing your friend or relative all the best for their upcoming nuptials, they may appreciate a couple massage. However they splurge their massage gift voucher with us, one thing’s for sure: they’ll certainly appreciate the luxury of choice!

Couples Massage Voucher

If you’ve got an engaged friend or relative, why not go the whole hog and get them a couples massage voucher—redeemable for the best couples spa packages around? With our couple spa gift vouchers, loved-up friends can enjoy the Every Couple’s Escape package—or, for an extra $105, the even more luxurious Couples Sublime Spa Package. Oftentimes, gifts for weddings, engagement parties and even kitchen teas can clutter a couple’s home before they even begin their life together. Sometimes, a no-expenses-spared couples massage can be the ultimate clutter-free indulgence they need—especially if there’s been wedding planning involved!

A Voucher for Your Favourite Body Massage

Choice paralysis is real—that’s why we offer vouchers for a pre-selected style of body massage. Purchase a 1, 1.5 or 2-hour pass to either our Classic Hot Rock Massage or V Hotel Spa’s Signature Body Massage. Having trouble even making this choice? If you want to keep things simple, a Signature Body Massage may be the way to go. However, if you like the idea of opening deep-seated muscle groups to massage work, releasing blood flow from restriction, and the relaxing feeling of hot stones on bare skin, the Classic Hot Rock may be a wonderful new experience for yourself or a friend.

Exchange Spa Day Vouchers for Spa Day Packages

V Hotel Spa boasts the best spa packages Melbourne has to offer—and most are redeemable via a massage voucher. A little more ritzy than our regular relaxation or deep tissue massages, these packages round out the day spa experience with some little extras to keep the good vibes going. To put it simply, the more you spend, the more you’ll get out of the experience. Read more about our spa packages and learn how you can go all out to treat yourself or a friend.


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