Is a Full Body Massage Good for You?

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With busy schedules and endless chores to complete, setting time aside to relax and unwind can be a challenge. When we eventually do take sufficient time to ourselves, it’s important to maximise its benefits. This is where a massage for your full body can be so valuable. But can something that feels so indulgent be good for us?

Thankfully, a full-body massage is as beneficial as it feels. In fact, these massages have numerous health benefits, improving both your physical and emotional wellbeing. Whether you want to address an injury, relieve some tension or simply improve your mood, a full-body massage could be just what you need to feel refreshed and re-energised.

What Are The Benefits of a Full Body Massage?

1. Rejuvenates Skin

The specialised lotions and oils involved in full body massages are designed to gently exfoliate your skin, prompting the emergence of new skin cells. Along with the experienced hands of your massage therapist, the use of these serums will improve your skin tone and leave you looking refreshed and glowy.

2. Nervous System Relaxation

A huge benefit to the full body massage is that it can relax your nervous system into a “rest and digest” mode, which will balance out hormone production. This means that while the production of stress hormones like corticosteroids will decrease, happy hormones such as endorphins will be built up. Likewise, hormones that influence sleep/wake cycles, menstrual cycles, immune cells, blood sugar, and how much you eat will all react positively to this change to the nervous system. Areas of pain and tension in your body may even be relieved as a result of this shift.

3. Muscle Relaxation

Muscle relaxation also comes with a number of benefits, leading to further nutrition, oxygen, and immune cells being brought into the muscles. The stretching, moving, and massaging involved in a full body massage work to mobilise the joints and put beneficial tension on the muscles, ligaments and tendons.

4. Lymphatic Detox

As your massage therapist works on flushing blood through your muscle and tissue, they are also effectively draining the lymphatic system. This system is where your lymph nodes operate to rid the body of dead cells, waste products and possible pathogens. Draining the lymphatic system will assist with reducing swelling in certain parts of the body. It is also worth noting that the lymphatic system is crucial to the functioning of your immune system.

5. Healthy Heart & Bones

The increased blood flow caused by a full body massage can work wonders in many different areas of the body. For example, increased blood supply to the bones means higher levels of calcium and other important minerals, which will support their strength and function. Similarly, improved blood flow and oxygen delivery to the organs will help the entire cardiovascular system relax. This will allow you to enjoy the benefits of improved circulation, as well as regulated blood pressure and a regulated heart rate.

6. Improved Digestion

Since stress can have such a negative effect on the digestive system, a full body massage can be extremely helpful. Massages can assist the parasympathetic nervous system with regulating digestion, producing the necessary chemicals and stimulating the peristalsis to move food through the intestines.

7. Mental & Emotional Wellbeing

Massages encourage unrestricted breathing, which is one of the quickest methods of stress reduction. Even a single full-body massage can therefore do a lot to relieve your mental load and general feelings of stress. In the long term, it can also assist with reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression. A lot of people rely on full-body massages to initiate an emotional release as well as physical relief. It’s also worth noting that there is a correlation between physical pain relief and mental wellness.

How Often Should You Get a Full Body Massage?

The frequency with which you should get a full body massage is entirely dependent upon your specific needs. Some people rely upon regular massages for stress or pain relief, while others need them to aid recovery from certain injuries. You might also require a pregnancy massage, which is a treatment that also comes with its own specifications. Talking to a massage therapist and possibly your doctor should help you determine what schedule works best for you. In general, there are no strict guidelines for how often you should get a full body massage.

How to Prepare for a Full Body Massage

There is very little you need to do to prepare for a full body massage. The most important thing is to hydrate, as this will assist in the elimination of toxins from your body. You might also want to have a light snack prior to treatment, and make sure you feel clean and comfortable. If you have specific things you’d like to address, such as pain or an injury, make sure you’ve talked this through with a medical professional prior. Your needs should be clearly expressed to the massage therapist before they begin the massage itself.

Prioritise Your Health Today

In a culture that romanticises the grind and rewards productivity, it can be very hard to prioritise certain facets of our health. It’s a shame that even something as simple and essential as relaxing can feel over-indulgent and lazy. It’s important to resist this way of thinking, and recognise the overwhelming health benefits of relaxation. To help yourself truly relax, explore the possibility of a full body massage. V Hotel Spa offers luxurious full-body massages that will help you feel anew. Browse our website today and book yourself a full-body massage!

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